Contingency Search

You can count on speed, customization, analysis and thoughtful recruitment with our contingency offering

Exclusive Search

Invest time and effort in completely understanding the organization’s needs and evolving an agreed candidate-profile

Retained Search

Offers a highly competitive, delivery-focused approach to retained search

Our Purpose

Offer the most customer-centric recruitment and search service available while positively impacting the lives of our clients, and the professionals we help.

Our Goal

To find the absolute best professionals suited to your culture and the technical requirements of the role while leaving you feeling happy with the process and confident in your new hire.

Our Values

Work hard and have fun doing it. Be transparent and honest with every client and candidate while contributing to our community.

Our Approach

We take the time to truly understand what your company does and how you do it differently than anyone else. We want to know what makes you unique. Then we dig deep, we search, we search some more, we call, we call some more, and we spread the word about what an amazing organization this is to work for. It's about marketing you to a larger candidate pool of talented people – people who are passionate about the why and who want to make a difference on their team and in their organizations.

Our Expertise

We understand what it takes to make a great hire. We are known for our personal and individualized approach and for finding the right person for the right position. We love meeting new people and get a great deal of joy in hearing about how your new hire is doing. We have recruited employees for many start-up, small-medium and large sized companies. Our specialty is Technology and Consumer industry.

What Makes Us Different?

Strong knowledge of the market and client’s requirements

Strong Working Relationships with our Clients with a successful track record

Mapping out & Introducing candidates from our clients’ competitors

Our core values are ingrained in the hearts of each employee with the words – Trust, Respect, Encourage, Inspire, and Aspire.
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